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CAMBRIDGE Philosophy of Psychology Workshop


Johannes Mahr (Harvard — CEU)


The Epistemic Role of Episodic Memory

Jonathan Philips (Harvard)


Psychological Representations of Modality

EJ Green (MIT)



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The Philosophy of Psychology Workshop (aka PoP ROCKS!) is an ongoing series in the Cambridge area.


We meet Tuesdays 530-730 during the semester to engage in work-in-progress discussions pertaining to philosophy of mind, psychology, perception, cognitive science, neuroscience, and related topics. 


All are welcome to join, and no phil pscyh background is required! Just be prepared for great discussion.

Not part of our mailing list? Email one of the workshop organizers to get a copy of the presenter's paper/handout. Meetings are pre-read and papers are distributed a week in advance. 

Upcoming Talks:
Workshop Organizers

Tyler Wilson (MIT)

email: tbw [at] mit [dot] edu

Elís Miller (Harvard)

email: elismiller [at] g.harvard [dot] edu

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